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San Diego Homeschool Field Trips

09/13/21 Apple Picking Cross Cut Farms

09/21/21 San Diego Zoo

10/08/21 San Dieguito Park

10/11/21 Olympic Training Center Tour

10/13/21 Safari Park

10/18/21 San Diego Harbor Tour

10/19/21 San Diego Zoo

10/25/21 Johnny Appleseed Fort Cross

10/29/21 Mountain Valley Pumpkin Patch

11/03/21 San Diego Zoo Safari Park

11/15/21 Holidays on the Homestead - Fort Cross

12/01/21 San Diego Zoo Safari Park
12/03/21 Bill of Rights Schooner Tour

12/03/21 Christmas Tree Farm Tour

12/14/21 San Diego Zoo

01/05/21 San Diego Zoo Safari Park

01/18/22 San Diego Zoo

02/04/22 Bill of Rights Schooner Tour

02/15/22 San Diego Zoo

03/15/22 San Diego Zoo

04/01/22 Bill of Rights Schooner Tour

04/19/22 San Diego Zoo

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