1) What is Soaring Minds Education?

Soaring Minds Education serves students throughout San Diego county with 15+ locations. It provides enrichment workshops to students of ages 4-17. In addition, it offers field trips, community service projects, family socials and weekly meet-ups.

2) Who can enroll?

Private homeschoolers, chartered school students, exchange students and visiting youths of ages 4-17 can sign up by the workshop, by the day, month, or year.  

3) How much does it cost? (Ask us how your child can attend with no out-of-pocket payments!!)

Payment Options for 2019-2020

Registration fee for all students $65


Each class is individually priced. Please go to our Marketplace for specific pricing for each class.

Month-to-Month (charter and private pay)

$225/4 consecutive weeks for 1-day per week 

$400/4 consecutive weeks for 2-days per week

$600/12 consecutive weeks for 1-day per week


Eagle Plus

$1700/school year for 1 day per week (private and charter funds)

$2100/school year for 2 days per week (approx. $233/mo. in charter school funds***)

$3000/year for 2 days per week (private pay)

*Prices subject to change / Contact us about Special Pricing and Discounts! 


***Inspire Charter families, please contact us for specific details on pricing. Your school funds are sufficient for 2 class days per week for 9 months, with additional funding for field trips and supplies!

*prices subject to change 

Students enrolled at Compass, Inspire, NUA, Summit and Valiant Prep can use school funds to attend workshops, class days and field trips. All students can enroll and pay with private funds as well (10% discount). 

​4) My child is behind/ahead in grade level studies. Will that be an issue?

Often parents choose enrichment workshops that are interesting and new to their students. These enrichment workshops are designed to supplement and enhance the students' learning at home.

5) What ages are the class days for? 

Workshops are designed for students:

4-5 year old students in PreK and TK programs(be 4 by 9/16/19)

6-12 year old students in Primary Program(be 6 by 9/16/19)

13-17 year old students in Teen Program(be 13 by 9/16/19)

6) Does Soaring Minds require any special additional curriculum from me?

Families have full freedom in choosing any curriculum they find appropriate for their children. SME does not interfere with that very personal and organic process. If you would like some assistance in choosing curriculum, we can provide resources to help guide you. If enrolling through a charter school we work with, families will receive funding to purchase the curriculum they select for studies at home.

7) Do I have to enroll in a charter school if I want to participate in Soaring Minds Education?

Students of ages 4-17 are welcome to enroll in our program. Both private payments and charter school funds are accepted.

8) There are lots of activities scheduled at your class days. What does a sample schedule look like?

Schedules are set to afford students ample time for hands-on learning as well as time for creativity, physical activity and socialization. Each workshop in the day takes about an hour.  Lunch time and social time are included to facilitate opportunities for building friendships and connections.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to view photos and video documentaries.

9) Once enrolled in the program, does my child have to attend both days or can we only do one day per week? Are we allowed to do more than two days?

Families can choose either one day, two days or more days per week. Families who sign up for two or more days a week receive a discount. There is no limit on how many days a week students can attend. 

10) What is the student to adult ratio in the classes and how are the adults vetted?

Each of our locations has a capacity for up to 25 students, but students are separated into groups based on their ages(see #5). We have supervisors who stay with the students throughout the day Our instructors are professionals in their fields and passionate about imparting their skills. Instructors and supervisors have been fingerprinted and background checked through the Department of Justice.

11) Can we try out a day before deciding to enroll?

If you would like to try out a class day to see how we run our program, you can sign up to attend one individual day. Please email us to verify that there is availability in the class you've selected. You can then register to try one of those class days through this link. Soaring Minds One Day Trial​

12) Am I allowed to stay in the class with my child? Can we designate alternate people to drop off our children?

Parents are welcome to stay in the back of the class with their child, only if the child benefits from it. If a child does not benefit from this, then we prefer parents assist in other capacities. In order to provide the best learning atmosphere for all our students, we ask that parents not bring any younger siblings to the class. Parents are welcome to add authorized people who are allowed to pick up and drop off their children. This can be done by filling out the registration form and informing the student supervisor on the day.

13) What does the calendar year look like? Holidays, breaks, end of year? 

Similar to a traditional school year calendar, major federal and state holidays are observed such as Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, winter break, New Year's Day, Martin Luther Kings Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, spring break, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Those specific dates will be listed in our Calendar.

14) I’m ready to enroll my child! 

If you would like to enroll through one of the charter schools we work with, go to their respective websites, click the enroll button and fill out their online application. Once the process is complete, you will be contacted by your assigned teacher for your first meeting and final details about the first day of class. Families who attend charter schools just request a purchase order payable to Soaring Minds Education in the appropriate amount. (Inspire families, please contact us directly for special instructions.) All other families simply email us to inquire about class day availability and register for the days and pay on our website. 

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